Blog hop, hop, hopping

Until last week I had never heard the term "blog hopping" (I know, I know, I am quite behind the times) as I am quite new to the whole blogging thing. But thanks to Zoe from Short Stories of Shapely Seams, I have now been introduced to the term.

Why do I write?

I write to keep from going mad. As I've mentioned, many a time, I unfortunately do not get to make patterns in my day job, so I write (and pattern make, and sew) to keep my creative juices flowing and to keep me the happy and positive person that I try to be.

When I'm not working on my own projects (and just holding children's hands - as I'm currently a nanny - no matter how oh-so-cute and delightful the children can be), life can just feel a little bit doomy and gloomy. But the second I begin working creatively again, everything begins to feel happy and shiny again.

I write to keep myself on track, and to have someone (is it weird that I am personifying my blog?) apart from myself to answer to. I write to consolidate my thoughts. I write so I can learn along the way (I often write up a post and then halfway through think "what a strange way I just did that. That makes no sense, I better start again." Which is annoying, but good in the long run, I guess). I write to have a record of my creative process and thoughts, and I write to (hopefully) help someone out who's on a similar journey to me.

What am I working on?

I am currently madly sewing a Flora Dress for BHL's "Pattern Hackathon."

By Hand London 'Flora Dress'

By Hand London 'Flora Dress'

As usual, I have left things to the very last minute, so very much hope I can get it sewn and photographed to submit it before entries close tomorrow (I should probably be sewing instead of writing this right now). I'm normally not one to use other people's patterns, but I thought it would be silly not to get involved in the fun.

Earlier in the year I hacked Tilly's 'Mathilde Blouse' for Sewing Indie Month and enjoyed the process of working from someone else's pattern, so thought I better get on board again. It has actually been a really nice change to make something quite different to everything else I've been making lately (and it was oh-so-nice to receive the beautiful BHL pattern in the post!).  


I'm not sure if I am loving or hating the fabric I chose for this project. I was aware when I bought it that mustard yellow tartan could go either way... But I guess there's no going back now - so watch this space.

How does my blog differ from others in its genre?

What differentiates my blog from others in its genre (that I know of) is that it's all about drafting. I feel many of the blogs in this area are focused on the construction of the garment, rather than the construction of the pattern. There are already so many fantastic ones out there that I felt I needed a different approach. The blogs that are more pattern focused tend to be more about selling a pattern and then making adjustments to that pattern, rather than from scratch (which is where my blog comes in). 

How does my writing  process work?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post (or you may have noticed yourself), I am quite new to blogging (well at least this kind of blogging) so I'm not sure I am in a position to call my style a 'process' yet. I'm still trying to find a process that works for me really. 

At the moment I am trying ("trying" is the operative word here as this week I am utterly failing my pre-planned goals of having this post up by Monday morning) to set myself a number of posts I need to get published on the blog each week, and what days I would ideally like to get them up. I work very well if I have a deadline (and not so good if I don't - hence staying up late every night this week to work on my dress for the BHL hackathon, instead of doing it last week when I had some time off work)!

I write after a garment is complete and try to cut it into bite size pieces, so it is digestible, but also so it is relevant to other projects in the future, and others can see how it could be incorporated in their own projects. To me, pattern cutting is just a range of techniques and methods, and once you know them, you just need to apply them to different scenarios.

Who Do I Follow?

I am not a very good follower at all. There are only a few blogs that I look at regularly, and they tend to be the ones that everyone else is looking at too!

I like By Hand London, as those girls are living my ultimate dream life! Sometimes this whole sewing and blogging thing is a very lonely life. With the three of them working collectively, it looks far from lonely.

I find The Cutting Class to be a great reference, with nice clean diagrams and practical examples of techniques.

Grainline Studios is another blog I regularly check out. I like Jen's relaxed personal style and the patterns she has to offer. They are clean and simple, yet have clever and sophisticated details.

I also follow What Katie Sews. I always like reading her posts, and her relaxed personal style always inspires me. 

If you have a blog that you think I'd like - please let me know! I need to get better at this whole "following" thing and feel like I need to discover a whole lot more. I have just made a bloglovin' account (follow me here!) so I am in position and ready to go!


Unfortunately this is where this blog hop ends. As I'm new to blogging, I'm yet to make any Internet friends (except for Zoe who nominated me) to nominate next. So if you're in the market for a new blog friend then I am your girl!