Bad blogger

I have been a bad blogger.

A very slack blogger.

I have been busting to get this site (and blog) up and running for months, and when I finally do, I have been so preoccupied uploading tutorials that I have fallen drastically behind on my blog schedule.

So here I am, back on the blog, trying to repent my wrongs.

So while I was not blogging this week, I was working hard on getting my first proper project (to accompany the basic bodice and sleeve blocks) up on the site. I am pleased to unveil the "Two Colour Shirt." 

It is a shirt I made a couple of months ago and I thought it was a good place to start, as it covers many basic pattern cutting techniques.

The pattern includes eliminating a dart, lengthening a pattern, shortening a patternchanging the neckline, making changes to the sleeve and armhole, inserting panel lines and making a hem facing. To start the project you will also need to draft a basic bodice and sleeve block.

It is not a difficult pattern to make, nor to sew. I managed to get a few of the related tutorials up online and will try to conquer the rest next week.

It is also a good pattern to get you started on learning how to use some of your trusty pattern cutting tools and familiarise yourself with some of the lingo.

This project will also give you an opportunity to practice some of the techniques you will use time and time again : checking your patterns, adding seam allowance and pattern markings and cutting instructions to your patterns.

And last, but definitely not least, this project gives you countless opportunities to get creative and make as many hacks and changes to the pattern that you like.

Shorten the sleeves.

Get creative with panels.

Add buttons.

Experiment with the shape of your panels.

Make a shift dress.

Add pleats.

Add gathers.

Add pockets.

Make a circle skirt for twirling.

Stay tuned... More tutorials will be added very soon. And more projects are still to come!