The upcycled apron

Of late I have been very focused on getting this website up and running. Unfortunately, it has left very little time for actual sewing. I have been busy on Photoshop and Illustrator and not on my lovely Janome.

I decided to have a break over the weekend and do a bit of free sewing (i.e. no rules, no pattern) to make a birthday present for friend of mine.

I had forgotten how nice it is to just take to fabric with a pair of scissors, with very little idea of what the finished project will be.

The apron started as a pair of jeans that I picked up form a charity and in a matter of hours became an apron for my well deserving friend.

I accidentally got so caught up in the making that I forgot to take photos as I went (and have already gifted the apron), and only have this awful photo to show for my work. But you can get the gist.