Playing with blocks... again

I spent the weekend working on a skirt block (a basic pattern that can be used as a starting point when pattern drafting), as it is about time I move on from my dress phase and onto skirts (although I may squeeze in one or two more dresses before autumn comes). I have a great block at home, but as home is in the other hemisphere, I thought I better just bite the bullet and make a new one. 

I started by looking at this tutorial, but then tweaked it a little (as I prefer to only have one dart in the back, instead of two). When I made a toile of this pattern, the fit was not great. I wasn't totally satisfied with the dart positions, so I decided to dig a skirt out of my wardrobe that is the same style and fits me very nicely, and copy the dart placement and length from that skirt onto the pattern. After that change I was much happier with the fit!

Here is the tutorial, if you are wanting to draft your own skirt block. It was quite a quick and straight-forward process compared to the bodice and sleeve blocks!