Whether you want to make a shirt for your favourite man, woman or child (or for yourself, of course), this tutorial will guide you through tracing a ready made shirt.

Before we get started though, I feel it is important to say that I do not encourage learning to take patterns from garments so that you can rip off other peoples' designs. To me, that is not the point of tracing patterns. I advocate tracing patterns if you are replicating a vintage piece that you just love, or copying your mum's favourite shirt because it is just getting awkward seeing her wear it so many days in a row, or you have a dress that is oh-so-perfect except for one minor detail (like your bum no longer - or never did - fits into it)... Or, like me, you want to make your boyfriend a custom fitting shirt for his birthday and know that the quickest and most accurate way to do this would be to pick his favourite shirt out of the wardrobe and slyly trace it while he's at work.

You could use the same process for many different garments, and can just pick and choose the tutorials that are relevant to your project.