In a previous tutorial, I detailed how to shorten a pattern (using a sleeve as an example). That method of shortening is necessary when you do not want to make changes to the hemline (shape and width).

If you want to simply "cut-off" a pattern as a means of shortening, then this tutorial details how you should go about it.

shorten a pattern_1

Take the pattern you will be shortening. In the example, I am shortening a shirt pattern that extends to high-hip, by cutting off at the waist.

On the CENTRE FRONT, mark the point where you want your pattern to finish.

shorten a pattern_2

From the point on the CENTRE FRONT, draw a perpendicular line through the pattern, that intersects the side seam. 

shorten a pattern_3

To transfer this line onto the back pattern, lay your patterns side by side, so that the side seams are matching. 

shorten a pattern_4

Mark the new line onto the back pattern piece, at the side seam.

shorten a pattern_5

Draw a line that is square with the CENTRE BACK, and intersects with the point on the side seam, to create your new hemline (or waistline in this case).

shorten a pattern_6

You can now cut along the new hemlines, to remove the excess length.

shorten a pattern_7

To complete the pattern you will need to check that the new line runs smoothly at the side seam, before adding seam allowance.

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