Sleeve cap ease

ease in sleeve cap

When determining how much ease is in a sleeve pattern, deduct the ARMHOLE LENGTH from the CAP LENGTH. The result you are left with is the amount of ease you have in your sleeve cap.

The armhole length should never be more than the cap length - this would indicate that the ease is in the armhole, rather than the sleeve.

The ease should be distributed evenly between the front and back notches in the sleeve cap (common practice is to use a gathering stitch to help ease in the sleeve when sewing).

The amount of ease needed in the sleeve cap depends on a number of factors - the type of fabric you will be using (for example,  jersey won't need any ease in the pattern as it can be stretched into the armhole, although woven fabrics will need some ease) as well as the style of sleeve and will take some experimentation.

If you need to alter the amount of ease in your sleeve cap, then you should take a look at this or this tutorial.