stripe dress_1


For anyone who follows my blog, it may seem like I have dropped off the face of the planet of late. Since my last post, my life has changed drastically. I went from sitting at my desk with a view of a cold and grey London tube station, to a now very blue-skied Spanish skyline. I have found it difficult to get back to work on my blog as all my time seems to be absorbed settling into the Spanish lifestyle (mainly eating and napping really... Although I have also begun taking Spanish classes)!

I have been "umm-ing" and "ahh-ing" about what project should come next (I have a bit of a back log in my stash), but have finally decided on a very simple dress, that I made last year.

I chose this dress, as I am feeling as though Spring is just about here (here in the south of Spain, at least) and this dress is a perfect Spring dress.

It also serves another purpose. As I mentioned not so long ago, I do want to do a few re-posts, so I can update a few of the tutorials on the site. None of the information will change (so don't worry if you have used earlier posts to help you along on your pattern making adventures), but I feel the images need to be updated (I feel I have come a long way since some of my early tutorials). This dress involves some of the tutorials I am planning to revise, so thought it was the right choice.

This dress is very basic, and great for a novice pattern maker. There are so many changes you could make as well, once you have made the basic pattern. Both the body of the dress and the sleeve have been adapted from the basic blocks.

stripe dress_2

I chose to make this dress out of bits and pieces I had around (the light blue cotton was an old holey sheet), as the dress doesn't require too much of either fabric (you could even add a third colour if necessary. Making a dress out of strips of fabric, like this, is a great way to bust your fabric scraps)! 

Please excused the un-ironed dress... Probably should have given it a quick press before I took the photos!

There are two ways you can go about preparing the fabric for this kind of design.

stripe dress_3

You could cut the pattern into the desired "strips" (making sure you add seam allowance, and number them so you don't lose track of them). 

Or you can could cut the fabrics into strips, sew them together, and then cut the pattern from the fabric (the method I chose to use). 

stripe dress_4

I wish I was a little more careful with the position of the stripes, as the last stripe cuts right across my widest part (my hips). I think the the dress would be much more flattering if the last stripe ended a little higher. But we live, and we learn, right?

In the following posts, I will walk you through the steps involved, to transform your blocks into this dress (or something similar), you could follow these tutorials, from beginning to end, and make the same dress as me (or similar), or just take the bits and pieces that interest you to help with other projects.

More coming soon...